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Fusu Thao is an accomplished and award-winning industrial designer and design leader with over 20 years of diverse experiences. He is passionate about humanizing technology into uniquely designed and meaningful business and customer experiences that enhance people’s ability to live better, work smarter and play harder. His empathic creativity has discovered and developed new product opportunities intersecting research, design, technology, and business; transforming complex system problems into simple and desirable products that deliver meaningful user experiences and growth for global brands.


From connected products and packaging to environments and brand; wound care dressings to protective equipment to small handheld instruments and large digital electronics, he has collected a wealth of expertise realizing ideas to market and has been awarded numerous patents and industry accolades in health care, consumer, commercial and transportation industries. His emotional connection with everyday honest objects and experiences and the stories they tell now and into the future, inspire his creative drive to shape a better world so people can make great memories.


Fusu is based in Minneapolis, MN

P 651-431-1503

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